April 01 2016 0Comment

Partners in Rebuilding

 The Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church was built in 2002 by Raus Construction. On July 15th 2015, an unknown person or persons kicked in the back door of the church’s multi-purpose building and threw in an accelerant assumed to be gasoline. Although the local HFD responded and was able to put out the fire in minutes, the fuel-driven blaze had already consumed several of the banquet tables and chair settings, as well as the floor beneath. The incredible heat and soot generated by this type of fire damaged every square inch of surface exposed in the main building. The nine peripheral rooms that were closed off were heavily doused with hot ash. The hot ash entered the air conditioning system and accelerated like an industrial sized fogger. The steel and concrete were the only things that were not destroyed.


Our sister company, Raus Restoration, committed to restoring the damaged building and bringing it back to how it looked 14 years ago. The goal was to restore the church to its original just built state. Raus Construction still had the original blue prints and knew exactly how to break down this large scale project. Working together, the Raus Companies helped the congregation get their building back in order and get back to the business of worship.