George Hope (EDF Energy Services)

Raus Construction has built three of our restaurants over the past 8 years. Each of these locations were built at the highest standard and quality and we have thousands of clients who visit them annually. Many times the first thing the guest says when entering our establishments is how nice they are and the attention to quality and detail. The process from the bid to the finished product was top notch and of the highest standards. When we bid each location, Raus Construction gave us a competitive bid and was able to guide us through the process and help us make decisions that were in our best interest. When bidding any contract there is nothing but a promise for price, excellence, and service. You have to, in essence, take a “leap of faith” with the builder. After Raus built our first location we had no further questions about these important traits and Raus built our two other locations. The biggest thing that is hard to articulate on paper is the trust and service provided by Raus. I can tell you that we have called them many times to help us with issues and problems that didn’t have any anything to do with their construction of our buildings and they were always there to help us as customers.